Friday, May 24, 2019
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I am currently a fourth-year Economics student with a desire to pursue a career in the capital markets. I enjoy learning about the global financial markets and reading investment research strategies. I look forward to contributing to the Economics Society as a Global Topics writer.

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Growth of the Chinese Economy and Implications for Canada

State of Chinese economy The Chinese economy’s GDP in 2016 was at $11.2T USD, compared to $18.6T USD in the US and $1.5T USD in...

Implications of a Strong USD

After Donald Trump’s surprise U.S. election victory and the Republicans’ full control of the Congress, the markets have reacted and the U.S. Dollar (dollar)...

Japan’s Negative Interest Rate Story

Central Banks around the world have wrestled with low-interest rates, but nowhere have they grappled with them for longer than in Japan . Investment...