eCON2016 CONRAD Case Competition Winners


Congratulations to the Winners of the eCON2016: CONRAD Case Competition!  Teams were asked to find and solve a problem involving misinformation with a great startup idea.  Ten excellent ideas were presented to the judges: Mark Hurwitz and David Rose from CONRAD.  The following ideas were chosen as the top 3.

  1. Tasty Truths (Tijil Dewan, Rebecca Kong, and Alexander Racher)

    A biotech pen shaped device that can be pressed into a type of food to give a reading of what ingredients are in it, including dangerous allergens that restaurants may miss.

  2. Survey Check (Stephen Chen, Viren Sud, and Manan Saksena)

    A survey tool that determines if survey responses are honest based on aggregate data from their social media profile.  This provides survey builders with more robust information.

  3. Cyber Aid (Yousuf Jinnah, Paulina Morgan, and Jian Zhou Xu)

    cyber education for the growing, elderly baby boomer population. More specifically, it is a service providing courses to teach them how to be aware of and protected from various cyber threats existing today and in the future!

Winners were awarded with a cash prize and a mentorship session with CONRAD to develop their ideas.

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