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The Economics of OSAP

Written By: Natasha Kozak

If you gave the average person $100 while walking by them on the street they would probably ask questions. “Is this real?” “Why are you giving this to me?” Imagine you told them the money was free. More often than not, they would repeat the age old phrase: there’s no such thing as free money.

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The Pandemic’s Sleeping Giant: The Vaccine

Written By: Hannah Saul

Through the seven long months that COVID-19 has run rampant in North America, we have seen many waves of supply and demand of varying degrees come and go. Through periods where politicians were urging us to buy hand sanitizers that were constantly sold out, to toilet paper becoming a hot commodity – leaving people to forget that tissues or a shower are probably perfect substitutes to Cottonelle or Charmin – this idea of scarcity has become a greater focus for many that have not yet experienced it in their lifetime.

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Data Creates Competitive Advantage – Probably Not Always.

Written By: Tanya Singh

Access to consumer data has brought about a focal change in the business environment, from small scale industries to tech giants, the synthesis of consumer information to make it relevant to the business operations, and the curation of products became a priority. Interestingly, the storage of data dates back to the 18,000 BCE, when the Palaeolithic tribespeople would mark notches into sticks or bones to keep a track of trading activities. Now, most firms use consumer data to create an unbeatable competitive advantage in the market – the more customers a firm has, the greater the data gathering process is.However, more often than not,firms grossly overestimate their ability to gain a competitive advantage through consumer data which we shall be talking about in detail. 

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