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Rosemary Peros

Question:  Why did you choose a career in economics?

Answer:  As much as one can, I knew relatively early on in my academic career that I wanted to be in the field of Economics.  How I got there is an interesting story in itself.  I found myself (way back when) at the University of Waterloo studying Accounting, in the hopes of one day coveting the title of Chartered Accountant.  I realized pretty quickly in first year, while interesting (and probably a lucrative career in many respects), accounting was just not for me.  And tucked away in the midst of all those accounting courses, was Economics 101 (microeconomics still to this day!).

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Stephanie Lluis

Q: Where did you go to university?
A: I went to Panthéon Sorbonne university as an undergraduate student and did my Masters and PhD at the university of Montreal. I also spent two years as a graduate student visiting UBC.

Q: What area of study in economics do you specialize in?
A: Labour Economics

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