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The Marketplace of Violence – How Non-State Groups Finance Wars

Written By: Finn O’Connor

This paper argues that the difference between how state and non-state actors fund military options is superficial. By comparing the financial means used by armed groups and legitimate governments, it finds that all actors exist within the same market where states have an initial monopolistic advantage but where the position of all actors is determined by their ability to leverage funding opportunities while mitigating the associated costs and vulnerabilities.

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Covid Fallout – Navigating the Post-Pandemic Medical Maze

Written By: Jay Mistry

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerabilities in Canada’s healthcare system, revealing issues within medical education, healthcare access disparities, and the interplay between health and social factors. This essay underscores the urgent need for comprehensive reform to create a more equitable and resilient healthcare system. Collaborative action is essential to address these challenges and build a system that meets the diverse needs of Canadians, emphasizing equity, community engagement, and preventive care.

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Redefining a Middle: An Exploration of the Global Middle in the Case of China and India

Written By: Stefan Venceljovski

This paper explores the transformative shift in global geopolitics, challenging traditional North-South dichotomies and proposing the emergence of a “Global Middle.” Focusing on China and India as examples, it argues that these nations defy conventional categorizations, exhibiting characteristics of both the Global North and South. The analysis delves into economic factors, historical narratives, and geopolitical complexities to redefine our understanding of these countries’ agency on the global stage. The concept of the Global Middle adds nuance to the traditional narrative, emphasizing the need for ongoing exploration and refinement in the ever-evolving paradigm of global geopolitics as it relates to the Global North. Continue reading…

Ploughshares to Swords

Written By: Finn O’Connor

Since the end of the Second World War, the American arms industry has morphed into an exclusive, but lucrative market. The growing demands of a modern military require a set of specialized, and heavily concentrated companies. This, with their growing role in politics and academia, forms the basis of the Military-Industrial Complex
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Navigating UBI in Canada – Unraveling Complexities Examining Pros and Cons and Assessing Contemporary Developments

Written By: Stefan Venceljovski

The concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a contentious topic that has seen a lot of news coverage over the last few months in Canada. The basics are simple: UBI provides all citizens of a particular nation or state with a regular, unconditional sum of money, regardless of their employment status (1). However, there is significant nuance in implementing a policy like a UBI. The idea has gained traction globally as a potential solution to economic inequality, the changing nature of work, and the rising cost of living, and this has caused an increasingly complex and contentious conversation that can be difficult to navigate. Continue reading…

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