• The Economics of OSAP

    Written By: Natasha Kozak If you gave the average person $100 while walking by them on the street they would probably ask questions. “Is this real?” “Why are you giving this to me?” Imagine you told them the money was free. More often than not, they would repeat the age old phrase: there’s no such […]

  • Economics Newsletter – Week of October 4th 2020

    Written By: Amit Shteyer & Hannah Lobbezoo Canada’s Economy at a Glance Economics Society News, Events, and Articles

  • The Pandemic’s Sleeping Giant: The Vaccine

    Written By: Hannah Saul Through the seven long months that COVID-19 has run rampant in North America, we have seen many waves of supply and demand of varying degrees come and go. Through periods where politicians were urging us to buy hand sanitizers that were constantly sold out, to toilet paper becoming a hot commodity […]

  • Economics Newsletter – Week of September 21st

    Written by: Amit Shteyer & Hannah Lobbezoo Canada’s Economy at a Glance Economics Society News, Events, and Articles 

  • Could COVID-19 Bring Further Incentives for Automation?

    Written By: Zuleykha Gasimova The scale of impact COVID-19 has had on global economies calls to mind the effects of previous major recessions that have reshaped the economy and the views on governments’ role in navigating crises.

  • Rising tuition: An economic crisis for universities and students alike

    Written By: Amit Shteyer Tuition – a word we all know and an amount we dread paying. It is a fee that most of us, or our parents, cannot afford without the help of scholarships or OSAP. In light of the pandemic, these payments are even harder to make and universities have not been much […]

  • Data Creates Competitive Advantage – Probably Not Always.

    Written By: Tanya Singh Access to consumer data has brought about a focal change in the business environment, from small scale industries to tech giants, the synthesis of consumer information to make it relevant to the business operations, and the curation of products became a priority. Interestingly, the storage of data dates back to the […]

  • The Ice Age in relations is here to stay: how US-China tensions are expanding from trade to everything.

    Written By: Tanya Singh The US-China trade relationship has expanded immensely after China’s reformation of its economy and liberalization in 1979.The world’s two largest economies have persevered bitter rivalry locked by a trade battle for a year now. The onset of the pandemic revealed new dynamics in the US-China trade wars, overshadowing the agreement made […]

  • Deferred Mortgage Payments: Financial Relief or Burden?

    Written By: Amit Shteyer The issue at hand With COVID-19 and the current lockdown, Canada’s economy is in a state of shock; lines to go grocery shopping, businesses going bankrupt, job losses and a negative inflation rate. Money troubles and fear obstruct the lives of consumers and businesses alike.

  • Defining Affordable Housing in Waterloo

    Written By: Natasha Kozak The rental market is no stranger to the students of Waterloo, Ontario. Everywhere you look there are “for rent” signs in windows, and major housing corporations seem to be taking over, as there seem to be more high-rise student apartment buildings than geese on UW campus. Increasing availability of student housing is […]

  • How Does COVID-19 Impact All Aspect of Life

    Written by: Irina Chen A global epidemic named coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), first appeared in China in early January. As of March 27th, the virus has infected approximately 590,000 and killed at least 27,000 people worldwide. Schools and businesses have been forced to shut down. The global economy has become unimaginably fragile in recent […]

  • Understanding ageing population and how it can impact an economy

    Written by: Hammad Mirza What is Populating Ageing? To understand ageing from a macroeconomic perspective, it is important to differentiate between the ageing of individuals and the ageing of populations. Interest in the ageing of individuals focuses on survival and longevity (i.e. life expectancy within a country), which make ageing a function solely of changes […]

  • Mechanisms of the Digital Transformation; A Cause for Policy Reform

    Written by: Mitchell Lowery In all my experience working in the field of economics (admittedly not within the same context as this article), there have been two things that have fascinated me the most. The first – which I will not discuss any further – is trade, and the second is a phenomenon known as […]

  • Single-use plastics: Do we need to ban them?

    The moment is right to discuss plastic use in Canada. Touching all corners of our lives, plastic products, most of which are used only once and thrown away, have been extremely prevalent in recent decades. The majority of this plastic waste ends up in the ocean and threatens the lives of marine creatures, costing billions […]