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Michelle Chan

Michelle Chan is an economics alumni. She is currently working at TD Securities under Capital Markets as an Analyst.

Q: Why did you choose to study Economics?
A: I chose to study Economics because Economics is a social science that provides analysis of real-world problems. It affects everything from how much we pay for goods and services to how much employees get paid. Studying Economics at university gives you a new view of the world and how it functions when it comes to business and economics. My area of study was mainly focused on financial economics, which is a specialized branch of economics concerned with the origination and management of money, credit, banking and investment. This landed me a career in the financial sector.

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Drishti Lalwani

Drishti Lalwani is an economics alumni. She is also one of the past presidents of UW Economics Society.

Q: Why did you choose to study Economics? Why Waterloo?
A: Honestly, economics was not always my first choice. I was originally set on studying Psychology. In my second year I took ECON 221, where we were introduced to conducting analysis using statistical software. I was and still am extremely fascinated with the idea of examining data and conducting research through models. Being someone who always stuck to safe options that came easy to me such as art and other subjects in the field of humanities , studying economics gave me a different perspective that has improved my analytical abilities.

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