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The Basics of Universal Basic Income

Written by: Pashmina Rupani

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a no-strings-attached payment program, where the government gives residents a fixed amount of money at regular intervals. Unlike programs such as welfare or income assistance, UBI operates on an unconditional basis, eliminating the need to fall under a certain threshold to fulfill eligibility. Basically, everyone would be entitled to UBI, regardless of their employment income. 

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The Cost of Overincarcerating Indigenous Canadians

Written By: Pashmina Rupani

Regarded as “21st century residential schools, Canadian prisons incarcerate a disproportionate and alarming number of Indigenous people, which places a significant financial burden on the Canadian economy (1).

Despite accounting for only 5% of Canadians, Indigenous inmates comprise over 30% of our federal prison population, and Indigenous women comprise nearly 50% of female inmates (2; 11). While the number of non-Indigenous inmates is steadily decreasing, Indigenous incarceration rates are trending in the wrong direction, year after year.

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LEVIATHAN – Rise of Central Banking, And: A retrospective analysis of the COVID-19 crisis

Written By: Sumeet Dhatt

“[Leviathan] comes into being when its individual members renounce their powers to execute the laws of nature, each for himself, and promise to turn these powers over to the sovereign—which is created as a result of this act—and to obey thenceforth the laws made by this sovereign.” – Britannica on Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan [4].

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of the central banks across the world, for instance, the United States Federal Reserve and Canada’s Bank of Canada, became increasingly relevant to all of our lives. Central Banks are a core aspect of our economy, as such it is important to not only know their role within our economy and how their decisions impact us today, but also how and why they became prominent in today’s modern economy.

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The Lost Souls Of The Olympic Podium

Written By: Adshake Kunanithy

Adrenaline starts pumping through their veins. They enter with flaming torches and waving flags. Every second and every breath matters from the shot of the starter’s gun to the end of the finishing line. Multiple sports take place with an overwhelming group of athletes competing across the world to make a name for themselves. To go back home with a gold medal. Although they join their home country with pride and joy, no one talks about the aftermath of the glorified event for the host country and its citizens.

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