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Land of the Rising Sun: Casting a Light on Japan’s Attitudes Towards Immigration

Written By: Ayaka Behro

Japan broke its long tradition of restricting “low-skilled” foreign workers in 2019, when a new status of residence called “specified skilled worker” was created (1). This category allows workers from 14 underemployed sectors such as farming, nursing care, and janitorial services to work in Japan for up to five years (8).  Continue reading…

Increasing Interest Rates to Lower Inflation: Is it Worth the Risk?

Written By: Olivia Vanleeuwen


“On September 21, 2022, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced that it will raise the key interest rate from 3% to 3.25% and that the rate hikes will continue (1).”

In August 2022 inflation rose to 7% which is 5 percentage points above the target inflation rate that the Bank of Canada wants (2). The Bank of Canada has decided that the best way to fight inflation is to steadily increase the interest rates until inflation decreases to its target of 2%.  Continue reading…

The Irony of Reform- Gorbachev’s Anti Alcohol Campaign


Written By: Finn O’ Connor

Gorbachev was a complicated figure to say the least. He is as close as a Russian politician can be to a hero in the West. As the victors of the Cold War, the United States refer to him as the man who conceded defeat and brought an end to the tense superpower rivalry that spanned nearly half a decade. In former members of the Eastern Bloc, he is remembered for his brutal crackdowns in Lithuania and Estonia. His economic policy, one that contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union, leaves an equally complicated legacy.  Continue reading…

Oligopolies and Their Domino Effect

Written By: Lameena Chowdhury

Have you seen a stack of dominoes in a perfectly aligned circle with just enough space in between? If you haven’t, don’t fret – we’ve attached an example below for your convenience (4)!  If you flick one domino, it doesn’t fall. It leans down on the domino to its falling side. This causes this new domino to do the same to its falling side. The process goes on and on till all dominoes are now leaning on each other. The neat circle hasn’t fallen apart but it isn’t perfect any longer. 

Continue reading…