Joanna Ni

Joanna Ni is an economics alumni. She is now working towards the CFA certification as well as working as a financial analyst.

Q: Why did you choose to study Economics?
A: I found learning about economics furthered my understanding of human behaviour and the operations within society. While it is difficult to know exactly what impacts will take place given a change in the environment, economics provides us a thought process in which we can explore qualitative changes using quantitative methods.

Q: What was your favourite economics course at Waterloo? Why?
A: My favourite course was Law and Economics taught by Professor Curry. This course took a step away from the statistical analysis most other courses utilize and focused on the interpretations of economics within the law. I found this application of economics very interesting and it provided context to a lot of more complex issues where the answer is not always black and white.

Q: What did you decide to do after graduation?
A: After graduation I was fortunate enough to begin working full time for Huawei Technologies. I believe having studied economics, it provided me with the tools to critically analyse problems that I encounter in real life and on the job. While some theoretical concepts may not be applicable on the job the process of approaching problems and finding solutions remains the same.

Q: What was the best part about being involved with the Economics Society?
A: Joining the Economic Society provided a gateway to meeting a diverse group of people who came from a multitude of backgrounds, each with their own unique approach to their study of economics. The best part was getting a glimpse through their perspectives and relating it to my own. I was able to develop meaningful relationships personally and professionally through my time with the Economic Society.

Q: Do you have any special or interesting talents?
A: Upon graduation I decided to try my hand at something totally different with zero experience. I have since gotten into DIY home renovation and woodworking. My most recent project I designed and renovated my family kitchen-to which I suppose I could refer to myself now as a successful project manager.

Q: What would be the best piece of advice you would give students?
A: The study of economics is extremely valuable but not on its own. It’s important to accompany theoretical studies with applicable skills. Not only would that allow you to conceive and develop models of your own, it will also provide ample opportunity to further your career in economics. I would also extremely recommend the opportunity to go on exchange if possible. Taking a semester in another country/university allowed me to learn and make meaningful global connections as well as explore economic concepts that are weighted more heavily in other parts of the world.

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