Undergraduate Feature: Samantha Kim

Why did you choose Economics?
At first, it was just an elective course but more and more I learned about it, I was fascinated by its concepts, especially Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand. All the Economics courses that I took at University of Waterloo attracted me even deeper and now I am majoring in Economics!

Why Waterloo?
Over the years, I have seen continuous development within the campus; a new course, a new building, a new initiative. For example, there are numerous ideas that students present at different competitions such as the Velocity Pitch Competition every semester. I am glad to witness this development in person and even partake in some of them.

What role do you see economics playing in your career after graduation?
During my exchange program, I took very challenging but also exciting courses such as Game Theory and Entrepreneurship and Venture. Another thrilling experience during the program was studying with Graduate students for a course called, Social Network. We conducted an analytic research for four months and presented our findings at the end of the term. We started from programming our own tool for the research and analyzed every data we extracted. Game Theory and Social Network are the perfect example of what I would like to do for the rest of my life. I would like to pursue Market Intelligence and/or Business Analytics Industry, where I can balance Economics and Computer Science.
Tell us more about you:
I have been with UW Economics Society for over a year. Among that time, I served as the President of the society for two semesters. It was a great opportunity to meet different students, professors and other professionals. I have been supportive of other members to bring their innovative ideas into reality. I believe in a fostering environment where a new idea should be encouraged and the community members (especially students) should collaborate with each other. UW Economics Society is one of the settings in UW, which can accommodate this type of environment. We are constantly growing and improving like the rest of UW. I suggest you to come out to our events such as our latest ‘eCon 2014: What’s Next’ and/ or apply to be our executive members!

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