Undergraduate Feature: Christina Salomone

Christina Salomone is a 3rd year Mathematical Economics, Computing Option co-op student. She is also one of the current co-presidents of the UW Economics Society.

Q: Why did you choose to study economics? 

A: My interest in economics started after taking a grade 12 economics course in high school. Before then, I didn’t know much about the subject. After taking this course, I realized that it is something I was very interested in pursing. I also have a passion for mathematics and computer science, and I am happy that being in the Mathematical Economics program with a Computing Option allows me to study all these subjects! I think studying economics helps you understand the world more as it plays a role in our every day lives. It also gives you a wide range of career opportunities after graduation.

Q: Where have you worked for co-op?

A: I am very interested in pursing a career in risk management, AML or security. All of my co-op experiences have been in these fields. My first co-op placement was at Scotia Bank, working on the Business Controls and Risk Management team. My second co-op placement was at Royal Bank of Canada where I worked in Anti-Money Laundering (AML). My third co-op placement (which I am currently working from home for) is with the Federal Government in the cyber security division. Studying economics and mathematics provided me the necessary skills for these jobs.

Q: What is your favourite economics course you have taken so far?

A: One of my favourite economics course I have taken so far would have to be ECON 206 – Money and Banking. It was interesting to learn the functions of the financial system in Canada. It covers topics such as money and inflation, financial assets, and financial institutions and intermediaries. Another favourite course of mine is ECON 392 – Strategic Situations and Welfare Economics. This was a game theory course which was very mathematical. It covers how to model “games” in both the extensive and strategic form and find equilibrium.

Q: What is the best part about being involved with the Economics Society?

A: The best part about being involved with the Economics Society is our community! I have met so many great friends from being apart of the club. I also really enjoy the events that we put on (such as our termly prof mixer) as we always have a great time and lots of good food!

Q: Do you have any special or interesting talents?

A: From the age of 4 up until the end of high school I took tap, jazz, hip hop, and ballet classes! I also competed for a few years.

Q: What would be the best piece of advice you would give to other students?

A: To make the most out of your university experience, make sure you get involved in extracurricular activities! This is a great way to meet people that you may have classes with. It is also very important when applying to co-op jobs to have volunteer and leadership experience.


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