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Reshuffle of the China’s Education System: The Double Reduction Policy

Written By: Yi Dong

The General office of China Central Committee of the CPC and the General Office of the State Council has jointly issued new educational guidelines named the Opinions on Further Reducing the Burdens of Homework and Off-campus Training for Students During the Period of Compulsory Education, or the “double reduction” policy for short on July 24, 2021 (7). The two main aims of this policy are to relieve the studying burden on the students and reduce the number of off-campus tutoring programs that feature curriculum subjects.

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Global Warming Is An Economic Crisis

Written By: Adshake Kunanithy

Unlike the past, the weather would never be the same. Forest fires in California and British Columbia. First fall of snow in Egypt. Heat warnings during the dreadful summer term. All, clear indications of weather rapidly changing with the actions of human population and human creation.

The explanation of these bizarre climate patterns can only be explained by global warming. 

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