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A Lethal Bullet for Canada’s Peacekeeping Reputation

Written By: Adshake Kunanithy

For many years, Canada was known as the country of politeness. News articles and radios often highlight the billions of dollars invested in foreign aid, donations to countries during pandemic and natural disasters, and their beloved role as peacekeepers in the United Nations. Listening to these achievements, we hold biases and are blinded by the consequences of our “helpful” actions.

In fact, the many years of Canada glorifying their kindness were the same years that they have been trading military weaponry and technology. Continue reading…

Electric Vehicles – The Future?

Written by: Rohin Patel

Climate change targets, set by governments around the globe, have led to a widespread movement towards renewable energy, which is aimed at replacing the need for non-renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels. One of the major contributors to the increased carbon emissions over the past few decades is the motoring industry as more and more cars on the road emit more carbon gasses. As such, the introduction of electric vehicles that are powered through renewable sources of energy is thought to be the solution to the climate change crisis. But are they as beneficial as sought out to be? Continue reading…